“You have not tried everything, until you’ve tried natural medicine.”

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Feel the power of physical medicine! We have over 45 years of experience in Chiropractic Science. Be at your best now!


Your ear is the gateway to your body, and mind. We can treat you comprehensively with our powerful biofeedback tools!


Experience an ancient form of medicine infused with modern science. We over four decades of experience performing this highly safe and highly effective modality!

We are leaders in the field of Natural Medicine. So, what is natural medicine anyways? That term implies nature designed healing for treating and preventing dis-ease. Nature designed means unaltered, pure state, whole form, source structured medicine. Herbal extracts, sound resonance, bodywork, acupuncture. These are all forms of natural medicine whereby the practitioner utilizes the subtle and solid energies around us all to create a healing environment for the patient to experience and find harmony.

Homeostasis is the goal of natural medicine as we practice it. If one is in homeostasis, dis-ease cannot exist. Homeostasis means health, wellbeing, vitality. It is a dynamic state of optimal existence where we function at our best.



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