I need treatment now, can I schedule a same day appointment?

We are here to help! Give our office a call right now at 720.773.0680. We see patients from all over the country and specialize in advanced care for complex conditions. Our clinic is busy, so connect with us as soon as possible!

I have been seen by so many doctors, what makes this clinic special?

Our practitioner has worked in various healthcare settings and knows how complacent and dissociative the modern medical model is towards patients. We utilize treatment modalities not offered in a conventional practice. With our use of advanced technologies, we detect what others miss as unrelated and we treat what others dismiss as untreatable. The supportive therapies we employ include Voll technology, Rife technology, auriculomedicine, wave therapeutics, esoteric and evidence-based herbal medicines, acupuncture, chiropractic, diet & nutrition, psychotherapy, counseling, and more.

Do you accept insurance?

No! Though we do keep our try to keep our health care costs affordable for every budget. As our practitioner is fully licensed to practice numerous modalities, we perform supportive therapies that enhance the balancing of your bodily systems for optimal functioning. That type of natural medicine is hindered by outside organizations where the interest lies in profits over people. We believe fully in treating a person with the safest and most effective medicine for their unique case.

What is Biofeedback?

A highly effective form of medical intervention that supports the homeostatic design of the body. When the body is not in balance, disease and pathology arise. Biofeedback is a natural therapy that restores proper functioning to the whole of a human being. It is non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical, non-GMO, and free of chemicals and toxins.

Do you have an herbal pharmacy?

Our clinic offers an extensive herbal pharmacy that includes herbal (essential) oils, medical-grade supplements, pH Structured Silver, herbal teas, and more. We can test which substances are best for your body during a scanning session. That means we can find which items are most beneficial for your bioenergy, to enhance your body's energetic expression, and to determine which items to avoid for your highest functioning.


We are happy to speak with you further!