Plants and people have coevolved & coexisted on this Earth. Why would a plant contain hormones similar to our own human physiology? The ancient wisdom traditions across the globe have cumulatively embraced the legacy and healing potential of herbal medicine. Herbal oils, popularly known as essential oils, teas, tinctures, and other botanical preparations are included in the canon of herbal medicine. As an expert on the cross-cultural knowledge of herbs, our Natural Medicine Doctor is ready to assist you in restoring balance to your being. We source our herbal products with a mind on organic and wild harvested means, as well as from the areas traditionally described and medically validated as the most effective. Come experience the power of plant medicine at its finest!


Based on the science of frequency, we know that everything vibrates according to its function. When our organs resonate at an unhealthy frequency, truly out of tune, malfunction and dysfunction occur leading to dis-ease and documentable pathology. Body scanning is founded in decades of modern scientific advances once reserved for elite athletes, top government personnel, and future level scientists. Using non-invasive diagnostic and treatment technology, a patient can be fully medically assessed and given a therapeutic dose of sound resonance healing specifically targeted to organs, tissues, cells, DNA, even chromosomes.


Auriculomedicine, biofeedback, homeopathy, light and sound therapy, and more are included in the practice of bioenergetic medicine. Predominantly working with electromagnetism, bioenergetic medicine originated in indigenous healing traditions shrouded in mysticism and secrecy. Nowadays, the modalities of bioenergetics are seen in hospitals across the globe and widely researched. Auriculomedicine is a mainstay at our clinic, where a form of electrotherapy is employed to reestablish homeostatic functioning in the body. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, the ears are the windows to the body. As a Bioenergetic Doctor, our primary practitioner has created the first ever doctoral program in our nation to educate and qualify practitioners around the world in this highly effective medicine.


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